Any issues programming with MAC?

Hi again, guys.
I’m thinking about programming with a MAC (macbook pro) or a windows machine. Is there any known issues in MAC with JMonkey Engine?.

None that will stop you. Each environment has its quirks though. Sometimes a bit of tinkering is required.

Yeah, you have to setup the Core Profile if you need openGL newer than 2.0 but there are some issues with that (SSAO Filter), but it’s a good thing if you can report those issues and we can try fixing mac support. Apart from that you can still work around them by only using SSAO on Windows and Linux, e.g.

Would using a Windows virtual machine be a viable workaround for something like that?

I would assume yes, but don’t have the equipment to verify. However, running in a virtual machine often adds noticeable lag. It also doesn’t help much if you want to officially support Mac for your users.

Thanks for your replies, guys. I’ll probably choose MAC because I love programming on it. If I find issues, I’ll write them. :slight_smile:

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i agree its nice programm on MAC :slight_smile:

its just like linux, with better distribution. it have nice ready-to-use tools, etc. iOS testing tools and much more.

its also better for you, because you will immidietly see MAC issues of your game.

Lag is not the problem but in many cases the game won’t run with “Pixelformat not accelerated”, because there is no GPU in the virtual machine. For this to work you need to setup PCI Passthrough and I can’t tell you if that is even possible with Mac OS. You could do that to run the Windows Version on Linux but you should have a real copy of every os you want to deploy on handy, because it doesn’t help if it only runs in a VM and you need to do plenty of things you can’t do in a VM (e.g. profiling: Bullet Native had a bottleneck on Windows but not on Linux for me)

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Wow, there are more issues that I thought. Anyway, MAC is the platform I love most, so I’ll give it a chance :).

As usual, thanks for the replies guys.