Any j3o rigged + animated models I can use for testing jME3 out?

Hi all I am brand-spanking-new to game dev and, as a JVM developer of 10+ years, naturally am gravitating towards jME3. What an excellent framework!

I am chomping at the bit to get started tinkering with the jME3 API/framework but want to stave off (for now) learning about 3D modeling, Blender, animating, rigging, etc. One thing at a time!

I’m looking for a human-like 3D model that has already been rigged/animated/etc. and will just magically load into a jME3 game without any Blender (or other) magic necessary. Needs to be open source or just non-commercial although I am totally just using this for playing around and learning gamedev.

I believe I need this to be a j3o file, but that’s not 100% crystal clear to me. What I absolutely do need is:

  • Open source or a license that allows me to use this for non-commercial purposes
  • Human-like
  • Pre-animated with a few various + useful animations (jumping, running, idling, punching, etc.)

Any ideas here? Thanks in advance!

You can use some models already in the engine like :


Or you can also use this one :
Edit : Note that the one on opengameArt need some work in blenders to be able to use.

Thanks @SimonBedard I am using Gradle to manage my build, pull in the jME jars, etc. Where would I find Ninja.mesh.xml? Also, is Ninja.mesh.xml already animated?

On that rock-golem animation, where can I obtain a list of the animations the model supports?

Thanks again!

I think Ninja.mesh.xml is in the test project, but you can simply call im direcly using the import in code like:
app.getAssetManager().loadModel(path) ;
And yes, its animated, same for Oto.

Not sure how you can do it in NBean but in eclipse an (Ctrl + Shift + R) and then write down ninja.mesh.xml should show you where the file is, but again i don’t know the command in nbean.

I would higly recommend to use the jMonkeyEngine (SDK), because there you easily get access to all the animations the model has.

Use the SDK: Open your model in the scene composer and click on AnimControl.

Import the “test-data” library.

Thanks @Domenic - is Ninja.mesh.xml available as of 3.0.x or just 3.1.x?

I am not sure what you mean. But importing models should also be fine in 3.1 as it is in 3.0.