Any NoVA monkeys around?

Any of you monkeys in the Northern VA area, U.S.A. on July 30th?

If so… PM me and I will send you party details. I’ve thrown an annual party for over 20 years now. Just occurred to me that maybe I know some jmonkeys nearby that might want to drop in.

Actually, even if not interested it might be nice to know if there are any JME users in the DC-metro area (DMV as they say.)


Sorry, West Coast area. Though would drop by if lived in the DMV area. :slight_smile:

I’m in Chicago, I wish I could go TT_TT

Chicago here as well… if we made this a big thing with some notice I would go next year! I’ve been using JMonkey for 5 years now… and hanging around the forums even longer, would be cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Canary Islands here xD, a bit far (I wish I had more money xP).

:frowning: Brookings, South Dakota. Going to school here. Would love to meet you Paul.

Wow. My wife is from South Dakota. I’ve probably driven through Brookings before to get between Souix Falls and Aberdeen.

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Honestly - if you were within few hours of bus ride, I would definitely come to your party to say hi.

How is your wife doing now?

Hanging in there. On hold to start chemo again soon.

To address the “nice to know if there are any JME users in the DC area” bit, +1. Java geeks all over the place around here, you’d think there would be more, huh?

Just coming back to JME after a long break working on an old utility project. JME just gets better and better over time, doesn’t it? I really should make this a full time hobby, shame on me.


Well, welcome fellow DMVer. You missed a great party even if we did get rained on. :slight_smile:

It’s funny, I’ve heard NoVA plenty of times, but DMV to me is just a swear word when I’m paying my vehicle registration fee/tax. :laughing:

DMV = “DC Maryland Virginia” I don’t know where I picked it up but after I did I heard it everywhere.

Whenever I hear about DMV I always think of Department of Motor Vehicles

Yep. And mostly that’s still true. It’s only around here that you have to note the context. For example, a Facebook post from a friend who ends with “well, that’s life in the DMV” is probably not talking about living where people get their driver’s license. :slight_smile: