Anybody else noticed weird JMP behaviour with the latest update?

Hi all,

Since performing an update from the nightly SVN build I have noticed a few anomalies with the platform. I was wondering if anybody else has this as well? It affects me on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and my mate on an Apple system so I don’t think its specific to my rig.

When I try to use a scrollbar by dragging with the mouse it scrolls for a short distance and then tries to move the window. The same is true of trying to drag select code in the editor.

Anybody else having this?


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Yes. At least two others, me included.

Waiting a couple of days as I’m sure Netbeans devels are aware of it. We can’t be the only 3 to have that. @normen said he didn’t do anything special and he’s not having that behavior so, let’s wait a bit and hopefully soon a new nightly build will fix that unwanted behavior.

Oh and there’s already a post about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Somebody is having this problem on OSX? I cannot reproduce it here using OSX 10.6.7

Yep my friend is sitting beside me on a MacBook Pro with OSX 10.6.7 and as we live and breath he is having exactly the same mouse dragging issue in the IDE.


Alright, now I can reproduce it too, it only happens when you actually use the scroll bar by clicking and dragging it with the mouse, the mouse wheel works as expected, right? This is definitely a (hopefully transient) bug in the NetBeans platform base.

Yep the mouse wheel works fine.

It also occurs if you try to drag select code in the code editor. This is more irritating than the scrollbar issue. Not a deal breaker by any means but certainly a minor inconvinience.


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It also happen when you click n drag around in the text area. If you go fast you won’t get it. Slower and you won’t get far without the drag n drop red square.

I concur with @evilnoodle.

Wheel works fine (thank god). If the scroll bar gets stuck, a click on it should “fix” it.

Selection using shift + click should work as expected too, maybe a viable workaround, thanks for the reports.

Thanks for the shift+click tip - hadnt thought of that.



Latest update (2 minutes old as writing this post ;)) fixes the problem for me.

I confirm! :smiley:

Only one word - AWESOME!