Anyone competing in Ludum Dare 40?

Hi community,

Was wondering if anyone on the forum was competing in this weekend Ludum Dare 40 event?

I want to… I hope to see someone else also there to represent this awesome engine.



I love the idea but I can’t even make a sandwich in a weekend, no hope for me.


Come on @JESTERRRRRR, you might just be surprised at what you come up with in a weekend.

One thing is you don’t have to work full time but when you want.

Also, It is nice to see what you can or can’t do in that time.

I don’t over work but rather keep to my normal sleeping hours…

Anyways, hope I changed your mind… :wink:


I might give it a go with some non-gamedev friends, they might like it :slight_smile:
Not sure if I’ll use jme though since ludum dare recommends web deployment, which jme doesnt have anymore.

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Well web dev is not always the alpha and omega…

Lot’s and lot’s and lot’s…of people writes standalone games.

Just make sure you keep the download size small and that you provide and each to use direct link to the run able jar.


I am going to participate in the Jam with a friend, using jME.

Nice to see that we aren’t the only people using it in the Ludum Dare :chimpanzee_smile:

Do you plan on creating a 3D game?

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That is good news.
Well I am not 100% sure.
I can’t decide if I should go 3D or 2D.

And you?

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We will go for 2D. After some problems with our last game jam project we wrote a little framework for 2D games with jME, so this time we’re going to test it’s usefulness.


That is awesome.

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The theme for this Ludum Dare have been announced and after 1 hour I finally have an idea.

The theme is : The more you have, the worse it is!


Phew, this one is gonna need some thinking. The jam started at 3am here so I’ll have a late start.

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Yeah for sure.
I also started late.
This is what I have currently:


Slowly going forward.

Jamie made it into my game… :slight_smile:

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Can’t see how that’s related to what you’re working on.

I’m just throwing out a wild guess, but maybe more rain causes the water rise quicker, but also does something like increase score multiplier? This is the first I’ve heard of Ludum Dare, but it sounds like a unique theme

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Nice one @yaRnMcDonuts, you got it spot on.

That is the basic mechanics of the game.

You can move the player left and right and also jump.

The water level is rising and you need to get higher without drowning.


It sounds like a good idea, and its looking cool with the stormy background. Good luck :slight_smile:


Meanwhile we’re stuck here modelling mining robots in blender :woman_facepalming:


I know the feeling… Getting something looking nice is HARD.

If you have any screenshots please share?

Not anything worth sharing yet