Anyone doing Ludum dare game jam this weekend?

I am going to go solo, but wanted to see if anyone else was going to Jam.


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I might be in for the compo, but will not have much time.
I quest it depends on what the theme will be.

I think it will be fun.

Considering. I just realized it was happening a couple of days ago. Comes down to energy levels, I guess :slight_smile:

6 hours left, anyone else doing this compo?

30 more mins :slight_smile:

Theme is Connected Worlds

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awesome, good luck. Keep us posted :). I was considering doing it, but don’t have the time this weekend unfortunately.

I am sitting here, it is early morning in the south of Africa.
I want to start with this amazing compo but I have not idea of what I want to do
for the theme “Connected Worlds”……

Man, I am lost today, my mind is not setup yet!

So I am writing this post to inform all contestants GOOD LUCK and enjoy.

Its 1 here time for sleep

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Good night then.
Rest well.

Awesome theme. Wish I could have participated.

@rickard you are in spirit I am using your book to help me :slight_smile:

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I suspect ‘Endless terrain’ might be suitable :slight_smile:

I finished. :slight_smile:

Hamster Run By Greg Bluntzer of
For Ludum Dare 30

Software used

jMonkeySDK Java coding and modeling
LMMS , Audacity Sound
GIMP Graphics
Blender modeling

Created at San Antonio Hackerspace


Just some notes on development
The SDK was really helpful in development.

  • The Auto reload of a blender file was excellent.
  • The Code Pallet was great.
  • Java coding and code complete where awesome.
  • The Build system was excellent.
  • Terrain editor was great.
  • Material File editor.

new Jmonkey Cookbook book was very helpful with the Character Control, Materials, collision detection.

Issues that I had.
I cant get a grasp of Character Control. I extended BetterCharacterControl but had some issues with figuring out how to set the speed and jump force. There also seemed to change based on if I was in full screen vs windowed.

Sound behaved oddly for some reason I would also hear the pickup sound when I was playing the jump sound.

I didnt get transparency working. I still dont know if it is controlled by a render que, by a shader or by the alpha channel on a texture.

When making my appStates and controls I always need access to rootnode, assetmanager , sound nodes and the GUI screen text. I wasn’t sure if I should hold a simpleApplication variable on the appstates or if make my Main app a singleton and access it that way.

The splash screen on build system. Would like to see that in the settings screen (screen that pops up and lets you pick resolution) instead.

I would like to see the SDK have some dragging values on the property screen. For example the location values. Not sure how that would look when it is a Vector3f maybe three blocks with arrows on either side.

I would like the SDK to have a way to lock the movement in one direction say I want to pull up only on the Y. It might be that I just dont know how to use it. When even I click on the colored squares of the movement gui it seams to move in more then one axis.

I ended up making the Terrain and lights in the SDK Viewer, but I switch to placing all my objects with code because I could not get the hang of the movement widget.

I would also like the update button to work on the Scene Viewer. I would have to go in and rename a node and then put it back in order for the save buttons to enable.

I ran out of time before I could make a GUI but I would like more Tutorials on tonegod’s GUI.

Thanks for making jmonkeyengine it is always a blast to use.


One other note. My 5 year old asked me if that was all there was after I demoed it to her. My wife ragged quit trying to get the last two pickup items. So it was fun making but not sure that fun to play.

Hi guys,

I would like to share with you a funny story and then at the same time my game entry to the ludum dare 30.

First of I had one heck of a busy weekend and not coding wise, NO personal stuff.
At first on Friday I thought, YEAH ludum dare compo, man I cannot wait. This is going to be fun…
Then the long awaited Saturday morning arrived and what do you know, the them “Connected Worlds” was chosen.
Man, I was afraid of that theme, I do not know why but I had no idea what to do for a game.

The who of Saturday and Sunday passed and the 48 hour compo was done.
Well I gave up on the compo and decided maybe next time.

And then, I can’t explain why but for some reason I got an idea Monday afternoon and though, BUT wait, maybe I must give it another try and enter the 72 hour Jam compo.
So, I started with my idea of a game…

It is called, “Farm Invaders” and I finally finished it to a point of entry 10 minutes before cut off time… Sjeeweee…
So I went to be 4 AM in the morning, just enough time to have 2 hours of sleep before WORK and here I am.

The basic idea of the game is that you the player are a farmer and must defend your farm from and alien invasion.
There are these portals (Connection to other worlds) that opens up and aliens passes through.
You have to kill as many of them as possible.

Here is the game entry link:

And link to the game:

Screen shots:

Enjoy and thanks for the wonderful Game Engine.

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