Anyone got the brickwall bullet demo to run on Android?

I’m talking about from the JME3 examples.

I copied it and it’s BombControl class to a new project.

I also copied assests it needs.

It worked, but extreamly slow, not even 1 fps.

So I disabled shadows, not much help, then I cut the wall down to just one row and then it got working at a decent 50-60 fps, but when I click to send a ball flying toward the wall, it drops frame rate massively, then it locks up soon after collision and phone resets or becomes completely unresponsive most of the time.

I have an HTC Desire HD. I’m just wondering what I need to do to get it this demo running, or should I not expect to be able to use bullet on a mobile device?

Oh I just had a break through, I removed the explosion effect of the BombControl by disabling all code in public void collision(PhysicsCollisionEvent event) method.

The game only crashed/hung after the explosion effect.

Now runs on android OK.

It is either the effect, or the code that removes bomb from the physics space:



Something doesn’t seem to be thread safe is my guess. I will carry on looking into it.

Update your SDK, recently native bullet support was added for android so it should run much faster.

You also have to go to the android settings once for the android build script to be updated.

Hi guys, thanks for replies,

A couple of times I’ve been told to update (to solve another problem too), but the main beta download is dated 22nd October, I can see an article for alpha 3, is this what you are recommending? just I can’t see of find any alphas in the download section, nothing but that beta.

Edit - sorry, I notice alpha 3 is actually very old, so are you recommending updating to a nightly build version?

Just install beta and select Help->Check for Updates :roll: