Anyone having issues with the JME forums?

Hello all,

I keep getting errors when submitting new posts, or when I’m going to new pages.

I’m curious if anyone else is having issues, and if the staff knows what’s going on?

Last that that popped up was “error,c ouldn’t load latest.json” or latest.js or something…

EDIT: After submitting this thread I got

Sorry, we couldn’t load that topic, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, let us know


Just try again.

Our forum server rejects request. No one knows why. No one seems to be able to fix it. So we just cuss a lot and move on.

Apparently, this is too hard a problem to solve in the modern age.

Never really had an issue except for today. One time had the “429 Ok” error, but really nothing else has been an issue…

Maybe it has to do with the fact I had Cookies and JS disabled when I first visited the site today, and now it just doesn’t like me… :frowning:

It seems to depend on forum traffic and how often you are loading things.

I hit it routinely. Every other post I have to submit twice and every thread I load I have to reload at least once, sometimes twice. I’m almost used to it enough not to want to break things when it happens.

Me too - almost every second action on the forum makes me need to reload.
An hour ago I had to load the main forum page four times until I did not get a blank page.


Thus is the life of a forum with no web-level maintainers.

Hmm… I do get this error occasionally, though not near as often as some of you seem to. Starting to wonder if it’s partly based on our locations relative to the server…

@konradzuse discourse really does not work at all if JS is disabled. Should work immediately on activating & a page reload.

It’s related to this topic: [SOLVED] Occasionally a 429 Too Many Requests status code is returned

There is an HTTP 429 code coming back occasionally which indicates the server is throttling http requests.

I witnessed at least two more phenomena:
1- a blank page (+ blank favicon) when calling the start page of the forum
2- a blue “sad smiley face” and text explaining “there was an error” (or similar)

The 429 I get only in relatively rare cases.

About the location: I’m in Germany. So if the server is in the US, then I’m pretty far away.

And the status code was 200 OK for those cases then?

I’m in the US. I have this problem all the time.

It’s all related to server throttling… for an AJAX site I guess it’s always going to be set too low or something.

i live at ID and I have no any issues

You mentioned there isn’t anyone to maintain the site, but who set it up? Should someone take up the role? I’m assuming that it would have to be a staff member, since there could be stuff on the server that normal people shouldn’t see, but who knows.

Hopefully someone can update the issues.

This only started happening recently, when I’ve posted on here, but it was just first the 429 OK error, but now I’m getting like 5 errors…

Only started happening for YOU recently… because you’ve been more active on the forums.

It’s happened to me ever since we switched to the new forum. I have to reload every other post… sometimes up to five times. When there isn’t a lot of activity (when the little numbers aren’t updating themselves) it’s much better.

429 means the request rate limiter have kicked in. This shouldn’t really be a problem if everything is configured properly… I’ll peak at it since I have a hunch on where to look.

It’s all to stop you from being too active on the forums :wink:

The throttling is most likely ip based as well which is a pain if you have more than one pc/phone/tablet at home connecting to the forums as well.

Well, that’s the thing, I’VE been on here a bunch of times since the new forum was released, and recently twice in the last few weeks posting a bit… and these 2x were the issues :slight_smile: . This second time I’m getting way more errors :stuck_out_tongue:

I come back after a hiatus and no one likes me :frowning:

Yeah, I only connect to the forums from 1 device so…

FWIW I also had an issue where I was typing and instead of saying “draft saved/saved” it said “draft offline…” The saved a few seconds later.

Ironically I just got this trying to view this topic :smiley:

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Yeah this is no good. Hoping to have a good solution for this once and for all very soon.

@kwando helped out with some updates. We should be running more smoothly now.

Please let us know if you run into more of these timeout issues and similar problems.