Anyone interested in a Voxel game starting point?

I’ve been working on a side project off and on for almost a couple of years now. My intent was to learn game development while creating a minecraft like game because I thought it would be fun. It was fun but now I’d like to give back to the community and offer it as a starter project for future devs that want to create a voxel game. I’m almost as far as I want to take it but I wanted to see how much interest there is in the community of such a project.

Currently I have infinite terrain with close to 50 different blocks including working doors, ladders and torches. I’m using some of the world gen code from terasology. I started out using the cubes library by @destroflyer (which was a great starting point for me by the way) but I have changed quite a bit of it for various reasons including baked lighting and performance optimizations. Automatic world saving and compression, basic inventory and day/night cycles are done.

If there is interest I’ll put forth some extra effort to document how to run it, what the main components are, how to add blocks…etc. If no one cares then I’m just going to let it collect dust on github.

I’m planning to be done by the end of the year and moving on to another side project. Probably a similar one but maybe with lwjgl so I can learn more about the details that jme so nicely hides us from.

Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please include any other features you’d like to see. Please keep in mind I want this to be a basic starter and not include too many non basic features.

Side note: I leave on a cruise ship tomorrow and won’t be back for 5 days so if I don’t respond that’s why.

I know you mentioned that this is cube based, but do you have plans to say include other algorithms as well, such as marching cubes or dual contouring?

No. I’ve only skimmed the surface of those algorithms. It would take me longer than a couple of months to make those changes.