Anyone used JMonkey to embed 3D functionality in Netbeans?

I know jMonkey IDE has been developed using the Netbeans Platform. But does anyone have experience in using jMonkey to enable 3D functionality/visualization within a “standard” desktop application developed on the Netbeans Platform? I.e. not a game but any application that needs a 3D view (in addition to other views) ? Any examples of such projects?

There are quite a few, I don’t know if any are open source though and there are a few problems with focus switching back and forth.

Take a look at the swing/awt canvas stuff. It’s covered in some of the tutorials or you can search on the forums.

So, whats the difference between the SDK and what you describe? Why is it not relevant? From what I can see it fulfills your request 100%.

Yep i i did, and i am currently developing a new application.

A issue i had last time:
-On osx the mouse position was not correct

A issue i have currently:
-I have to minimize and maximize again, else the swing stuff does not get any focus

Beside the common obstacles in gui programming you have to invoke calls to jm3 too. A good designed interface in the first place is worth gold.

Yeah I agree with Normen, the SDK is exactly that. It just happens it’s made for developing games, but you could have anything in the scene viewer.

If you look for an example look at the SDK-core and Sceneviewer module of the sdk sources.

Hi All. Thanks for valuable feedback. I’ll look up the swing/AWT canvas stuff, and have a close look at the SDK too. Looking forward to dig into jMonkey :slight_smile:
zzuegg: Do you know if the issue with minimizing/maximizing to gain focus is an issue that is being worked on to solve?

@asty actually disabled the whole jme input system and use it only to visualize things. The panel gets all inputs and if necessary (picking or something) i pass the values to jme in a thread safe way. Since i do all the communications trough a custom eventbus i have no synchronizing issues at all.

For an “application” case study, you can have a look at Tygron. They call their apps games, but you could just as well be looking at a more interactive version of Google Maps.