Anyone using Substance Painter in their pipeline?

Anyone using Substance Painter to create their PBR textures? If so, what export type are you usiing? “Unity, Shader 3D, etc…”

You can make your own export type, just make it match jme’s layout, and choose DirectX normal maps

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I’ve never used Substance Painter, I use 3D-Coat, however I’m aware that both programs share some similarities.

In 3D-Coat, there is an export option for PBR - metallic, so then afterwards, I import all the meshes and textures into blender, and then export it all in .glb format using the gltf metallic/roughness node, as specified here: Art Pipeline for glTF - The Khronos Group Inc
Since all textures from 3D-Coat are exported to UV, no additional editing in blender is neccassary.

Not sure if this method can be applied to Substance Painter, but I hope this helps.

EDIT: according to this: there is a gltf pbr metal/roughness export option in Substance Painter, which is what I would use for the above workflow.

Exactly, go for the GLTF Pipeline and use the GLTF Export Option, Unreal Engine has channels encoded slightly differently. The other option is to make it so blender can work with it easily (though since you have their node material system you can scramble channels anyway and the GLTF Converter will probably bake the textures in gltf format then)

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