Anyone using the netbeans PHP plugin?

I’m doing my web stuff in netbeans 7.0.1 atm but I would like to move it to the jME SDK so I have everything in one place. I tried to install it by adding the netbeans 7 update centers to the jme sdk but saw it would require sdk base update (which would break the entire system).

Anyone else doing their web stuff from jme SDK and got it working?

Try using the 6.9 update center? Our base is at what 7.0.1 is so idk why there should be an update required.

Yes its really weird, but I think it may be some of the extra 23124 plugins it needs that causes the problems.

Gonna be nice when I get it working tho, being able to make 3D stuff then basically just press a button and its out on the web. This SDK is great.