Anything broken with ShadowFilter recently?

Hi, does anybody know if edge revision broke ShadowFilter recently? I just realized today something that has been working flawlessly in the past few months was not looking good anymore. See the screenshots. While the camera is “looking” in different directions, triangles on this j3o model shift from no shadow to hard shadow to soft shadow quite randomly I’d say and even if camera does not change location. It happens on multiple instances of this model and under different lighting setups, so I’m pretty sure it’s ShadowFilter related, but I don’t know where to look or what to do to fix it… I’ve never experienced that before. Any ideas what could have broken this feature?

///// #1: “Soft shadow” view, which is the CORRECT way it should be… it happens sometimes…

///// #2: “Hard shadow” bug view, notice on the right side how it cuts very hardly and the rest of the model has no shadow at all…

///// #3: “Triangles hard shadow” bug view and if camera rotates, triangles are lit or shadowed randomly… pretty weird.

///// #4: “All shadow bugs mixed together” wtf… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for reading.

Obviously, I put the wrong image on #1, this is the correct flawless view it has always been before. I couldn’t edit my post… not sure why.

what changed? you updated to nightly?
Was the correct screen shot took with your previous video card (see where I’m coming to…?)

No, I’ve been on nightly for 4 months now. I was not seeing this problem on my GTX tough, so you’re probably right about this being all messed up on my new R9 270X. Altough, you guys should definitely look into the issue, because it’s doing it also on TerrainQuad and pretty much anything with more than 2 faces.

EDIT: Just so we’re clear, all the screenshots in this thread are taken with the same graphics card and on the same project with the same JME3 version on the same day :stuck_out_tongue:

I just rotate my mouse 1 pixel on any direction and all triangles shift from dark to pale to unshaded… so when I walk/run in my game it looks pretty bad. It’s like shadow disco!! :smiley: … pretty random also, I’d say.

Take a look at this comparison I just did to show the problem, now imagine I moved only Z += 0.0001, now imagine when you move fast:

ALSO NOTE: points 1. 2. and 3. how it looks strangely like z-fighting. Is this related? Could it be that on AMD cards we need to set the shadow layer or whatever it is slightly upwards to avoid this? I don’t know… but I think somebody should fix it definitey.

Disabling the specular map fixes all the shadow related issues mentioned above. So at least we know it comes down to this.