Apache ant wont compile

I am trying to compile apache ant and so far every tutorial I go through has NOT lead to a successful compile.

my current environmental variables are:

ANT_HOME - G:Program FilesApacheantapache-ant-1.7.1bin

CLASSPATH - (empty)

JAVA_HOME - G:Program FilesJavajdk1.6.0_16bin

I just copied and pasted the entire apache folder from the zip into the:

G:Program FilesApacheant


The error I am getting tells me:

G:Documents and Settingsben>ant -version

'ant' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

I tried changing the directory to where ant is located and I get this error:

G:Documents and Settingsben>cd G:Program FilesApacheantapache-ant-1.7.1bin

G:Program FilesApacheantapache-ant-1.7.1bin>ant -version

ANT_HOME is set incorrectly or ant could not be located. Please set ANT_HOME.

G:Program FilesApacheantapache-ant-1.7.1bin>

what am I missing?

Thanks a lot for the help

Would you like me to sit next to you and fix this for you? Is Google not working on your machine either?

Have you read the error? Type in "fred" and press enter… Get anything similar?

Mate, sorry for the sarcasm, but can you not see what is going wrong !? The ANT_HOME directory does not exist ! G: is a curious location. Where are you running this… At home/work/school? Use windows explorer (Start -> Accessories -> Windows Explorer) to see if the directory is there. If it's not (which - let's face it - it won't be) then you've found your issue.

Find the ANT_HOME and reset all your variables again. I can see another thread coming about Java not being there either, so please double-check that directory is also correct. Get this sorted, and you should be in business.