App run slowly with an OBJ loaded

Hi guys,

JME load an OJB and the execution gets slower, with lag on movements.

I can't understand why. CullState don't fix it.

Can be a common mistake? Any tip?


How many triangles has the obj-model? The greater the tri-count the slower the engine…

A test with 5 objects, 100 triangle, over 300 fps. Sounds strange.

Hmm,…well ok! 300fps for 100 Triangles is really slow. If you want you can post it here(zipped) and I will have a look…

Ok, now works. I think that it was my pc.  facepalm

Too many hours writting…  Buddy I need a break

Hehe,…if only every problem would be solved like this :smiley:

Have fun and keep on rocking…