App.setConfigShowMode and automatic display settings?

Hello there forum,

I was just wondering if it was possible to hide the display settings that show up when you start your build (the ones where you can choose resolution, etc…) and automatically set them?

I stumbled across a bit of code- app.setConfigShowMode, perhaps this is what i’m looking for…?


also if you don’t want the dialog to display use


If you don’t want to use default settings every time but one you have set in the dialog before, use AppSettings.load() with default app title. It’s just what settings dialog does when creating itself - reading settings choosen previously (saved/loaded via java.util.prefs.Preferences).

[java]YourApplication app = new YourApplication();

AppSettings registrySettings = new AppSettings(true);

registrySettings.load(registrySettings.getTitle()); // this is the line !




@redeemer thanks, I was thinking that is there a way to load precreated setups.