App state and mouse input access

I learn Application States :: jMonkeyEngine Docs


private SimpleApplication app;
private Node              rootNode;
private AssetManager      assetManager;
private AppStateManager   stateManager;
private InputManager      inputManager;
private ViewPort          viewPort;
private BulletAppState    physics;

public class MyAppState extends AbstractAppState {
  public void initialize(AppStateManager stateManager, Application app) {
    super.initialize(stateManager, app); = (SimpleApplication) app; // can cast Application to something more specific
    this.rootNode     =;
    this.assetManager =;
    this.stateManager =;
    this.inputManager =;
    this.viewPort     =;
    this.physics      = this.stateManager.getState(BulletAppState.class);

But how to access to mouseImput
I didn’t find any getters for this object

You already passed it!
Just create listener and mapper for it

Feel like I’m repeating myself, but:
extends BaseAppState

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