Applet not running


I follow the tutorial, with exact the same code, for building applet:[]=applet

However, the applet will stop loading after the certificate validation, without any errors.

It just stops there. Nothing will display on the webpage

Can anyone think of any reasons? I don't know if different certificate matters.

I use keytool to generate the certificate.

I jarsigner my jar, not work

I jarsigner all the jars, not work

I later changed to use lwjgl 2.0 applet from the tutorial:

with exact the same codes (both standard and test applet)

The same problem occurs.

I try firefox and IE, but none of them works.

I connect it through localhost, file, or remote-connection, no luck at all!!

Code is running fine, when it is using appletviewer.

So there must be something wrong with the security!!

Can anyone help!!

Here is the html code:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">






  <applet code="org.lwjgl.util.applet.AppletLoader" archive="lwjgl_util_applet.jar, lzma.jar" codebase="." width="640" height="480">


    <!-- The following tags are mandatory -->


    <!-- Name of Applet, will be used as name of directory it is saved in, and will uniquely identify it in cache -->

    <param name="al_title" value="JavaLibrary1">


    <!-- Main Applet Class -->

    <param name="al_main" value="TestSphere">


    <!-- logo to paint while loading, will be centered -->

    <param name="al_logo" value="appletlogo.png">


    <!-- progressbar to paint while loading. Will be painted on top of logo, width clipped to percentage done -->

    <param name="al_progressbar" value="appletprogress.gif">


    <!-- List of Jars to add to classpath -->

    <param name="al_jars" value="lwjgl_applet.jar.pack.lzma, lwjgl.jar.pack.lzma, jinput.jar.pack.lzma, lwjgl_util.jar.pack.lzma, res.jar.lzma, jme.jar, jme-awt.jar, JavaLibrary1.jar">


    <!-- signed windows natives jar in a jar -->

    <param name="al_windows" value="windows_natives.jar.lzma">


    <!-- signed linux natives jar in a jar -->

    <param name="al_linux" value="linux_natives.jar.lzma">


    <!-- signed mac osx natives jar in a jar -->

    <param name="al_mac" value="macosx_natives.jar.lzma">

    <!-- signed solaris natives jar in a jar -->

    <param name="al_solaris" value="solaris_natives.jar.lzma">


    <!-- Tags under here are optional -->


    <!-- Version of Applet, important otherwise applet won't be cached, version change will update applet, must be int or float -->

    <!-- <param name="al_version" value="0.1"> -->


    <!-- background color to paint with, defaults to white -->

    <!-- <param name="al_bgcolor" value="000000"> -->


    <!-- foreground color to paint with, defaults to black -->

    <!-- <param name="al_fgcolor" value="ffffff"> -->


    <!-- error color to paint with, defaults to red -->

    <!-- <param name="al_errorcolor" value="ff0000"> -->


    <!-- whether to run in debug mode -->

    <!-- <param name="al_debug" value="true"> -->


    <!-- whether to prepend host to cache path - defaults to true -->

    <param name="al_prepend_host" value="false">


    <!-- main applet specific params -->

    <param name="useAppletCanvasSize" value="true"/>