Applet Very Slow

When I extend SimpleJMEApplet, and dont add anything to the scene, i have an fps of about 35. On the wiki, it said that the performance would be reduced by about 3 times due to input handling. When i run a SimpleGame without the applet part, i have an fps of about 400. Am I doing something wrong or is the applet class thing just hopelessly slow? (No meaning to critisize, developers)

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What browser are you running?  Is it Firefox 2.0 beta by any chance?  That browser has some issues with applets for some reason.

It is firefox, but its not the new one (Thats firefox 2.0, right?). The version is

                            -Gibi }:-@

Hmm, no idea then…  applets are new beasts (for us).  You might try loading the applet with a bunch of scene items and see if the fps goes down as fast as you think it will.  It might stay fairly constant up to a point.  Also, there might be some kind of applet specific security issues going on that are preventing hardware acceleration or something.  That's about all I can think of, sorry!

applets are new beasts...(for us)

Does this mean in the future, jme will have more applet support?

Firefox 1.5 actually works best for me, with Applets involved.

Anyway, FPS is a meanlingless number, unless you have an actual scene.

I just mean that they probably need more testing before we can call them "stable".  That said, they seem to work fine in most cases.