why does not work?
I’ve try with Crome, Explorer, and I’ve clean browser cache… but… no result.

Anyone have an example of working applet with jme3?

thanks in advance

…anyone can run applet in demo page?

…no answer?
Applet is not yet supported? :cry:

@Tato said: answer? Applet is not yet supported? :cry:

I’ve never tried this myself, however, I have run plenty of other peoples projects that are applets and they work just fine.

applet broke (it seems to me) some time ago, and it doens’t come from the code, as i tried to start an old version of a program and it doens’t work now (and it’s also a reason why i stopped to developp it).

This come partly because Java itself seems to “leave” browsers, as a lot of security breach was found recently. I think that it’s a bad idea for oracle, since as soon as java will officially leave browsers a lot of people will switch to an other language. It already took a huge hit with the fact that android doesn’t support swing, i think that decisions like this will just kill java. But why not ? Before, ada was very popular, and before it was c. Java will maybe follow ada in the grave soon.

But before that, i think that the solution for you is to sign your applet, and with a “trusted” source. The easiest way is, i think, to create your own certification authority (not sure of the english name, and too lazy right now to find it) and deliver to yourself a certificate for your application - and add this authority in your trusted authorities. This will not work when you’ll want to share your app with other people (then you’ll need to get a real certificate from a real authority) but it will allow you to test your game before this “diffusion” step.

But for me the fact that we need a certificate for EVERY applet is bad - a lot of them doens’t access to the network at all, juste to their stuff internally, a sandbox should be enough.

The engine contains native code, as java can’t tell what the code does its always going to be a security issue.

This is why you have to use the SDK applet deployment if you want to deploy without a cert.