Hello ,

I am trying to run an jMEApplet, from the examples given, on my internet explorer. I wrote a very simple html file ( <applet height="600" width="800" code="AppletTestTerrain.class"></applet> ) and i placed it in the same directory where the AppletTestTerrain.class is. However, it did not run. What is wrong ? Is there an other class file i should include in my html file or directory ?

Thanks !

did you sign the applet?

Check the Java error console for messages

No i did not. It shows that applet is notinited.

Any suggestions ??

sorry, I forgot about you.

This is my applet code:

<applet code="de.flowdev.applettest.AppletMyTest" archive="natives.jar,lwjgl_util_applet.jar,lwjgl.jar,signed_jme.jar,signed_app.jar" width="800" height="600">

If this does not work check out the java console that should be accessible by right click on the applet area

(Don't actually know if the jme jar has to be signed)