Appletloader class not found exception?

Hi all, I’m running the latest nightly ( and externals (

I’m having trouble exporting to applet. Its giving me a ClassNotFoundException for org.lwjgl.util.AppletLoader. The build says the applet creation worked fine and I’ve signed all the relevant jars.

It was working fine up until around 4 days ago.
Has there been some tinkering with this feature lately?

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Why do you want to access that class? Its outside the project in the applet jar thats later added.

I’m not, it’s the error that appears when I try to run the applet in a browser.

Actually, I managed to narrow the problem down to the applet page itself. It seems I’m not referencing the correct file location of the jars (the applet runs fine in the default page in the same directory).

How can I change the applet page to access the correct directory?

Just for comparison:
Page in the same directory as the jars.
Page where applet doesnt run.

It’s quite confusing as the broken page has remained the same and working fine for about 3 weeks.

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