I’ve searched Google, Stack Overflow and these forums :slight_smile:

When I create a ‘basic game’ and

  • make no changes to the code
  • select Applet from the properties window
  • clean and build
  • copy the dist directory to a web viewable directory
  • view run-applet.html from either firefox or opera on Ubuntu (14.04) or firefox and chrome from Windows Vista

all I see is a line of text and a white block where the applet would appear.

There are small errors with run-applet.html ::

<h2> Launcher Page for MyGame Applet </title>

</title> should be: </h2>

Each <script …> tag could use: type=“text/javascript”

<br/> is incorrect since <br> is a void tag so doesn’t need the forward slash.

Regarding my blank screen problem, my searches show up a lot of security questions but nothing really related to a blank screen without errors in the java console.

Is it the case that applets are no longer supported by jMonkey?

Another issue Is that non of your manifest files for the applet set the permission value, for example:
Permissions: sandbox

Setting this value (or have a pulldown list of possible permissions in the properties window) would stop browers complaining about permissions when the applet starts even though it’s easy to agree to this absence of permissions and allow the browser to load the applet anyway.

Applets are not well supported by anything, including java itself, lwjgl etc. anymore really. Since we depend on these technologies that is somewhat true for us as well.