Application has 30FPS if the sceneviewer is switched on

Hi @normen !

I found some issues with the sceneviewer. If the sceneviewer is switched on, so JME application has 30fps constantly but it should have 60fps (VSync is switched on). Also, the application has some issues with physics when the sceneviewer is switched on.


This is not an issue with the sceneviewer but simply with too few CPU/GPU power, you basically have two jme applications open so they run slower. 30fps is a valid framerate for vsyncing to 60fps, you don’t understand what vsync means apparently. The physics space compensates for the framerate by stepping the physics twice each frame (unless you changed the maxStepsPerFrame value of the physics space).

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No, no, no… If I open 2 JME applications, so there will be ok with FPS. One application will be stopped and another application wiil work.

@thetoucher can have 7 opened JME applications and FPS is ok. We discussed about it with him in the channel.

@thetoucher said that the sceneviewer should be stopped somehow if JMP window is disabled. I suppose he can say something more when he will be online.

Actually, i did not know that you see ALL posts. Ok, I will not mention you.

:roll: Yes, yes, yes. The application does stop when the sceneviewer is closed, it cannot be stopped based on focus as the SDK is no one-window application. Again, this has nothing to do with the scene viewer.

Now understood. Well, if there is nothing to do with it, so I just copy that to my mind. :slight_smile: