Applying a movie texture in a Quad... How to do this?

Hello guys!!!  :smiley:

I have read something about using a movie texture, but I'm not sure if its possible to use with jME yet…

If its possible, does anybody knows how I do this???

I just want to add a video to a simple Quad, and, yeah, without sound…  8)

Thanks…  :wink:

Renanse… are you there???  :D  :smiley:

I need your help…  :smiley:

Just call Renanse a slacker, that's sure to get you somewhere (although I'm afraid to guess where). 

Can you make it into a RoQ movie?

sorry about my question…  :D, but what should be a RoQ Movie???

Helloo???  :?  :?

The move you want to show on your quad.    If you are looking to use the beta code I was working on, that's what it supports.

Yesss… I can convert it to RoQ Type…  :smiley:

Can you tell me how apply this video???  :wink:

renanse??  :?

Sorry, when I can find time I will see about putting this code into jmex.

ok…  :|  :cry:

thanks anyway…  :wink: