Applying textures problem

Hey guys.

I am trying to make a game character split out in many pieces (head, torso, etc - each being a different submesh), problem is, when I apply the diffuse map and the normal map, you can clearly see the lines where each body piece ends, the textures are not seamless with one another. Any idea what is wrong or how this can be fixed? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

By the way, the character was created in Zbrush, exported to 3DMax then exported to jme through OgreMax. This is how he looks like in the engine:

Forgot to mention… this is how he looks like in ZBrush. As you can see, the seams are not visible. Thanks in advance!

does it look fine with the unshaded material and a colour map? If so, then the normals probably aren’t pointing in the same direction at the seams

Hey guys. I have found the problem… the mesh was a bit wacky in that area as I used Zbrush projection for it (it made the bodyparts overlap) which in turn made the model display so strange in the engine.

Problem solved, thanks again!