appState Guifont?

I noticed guifont is protected and I am unable to access it from an appState. I’m assuming this is for a good reason but is there a work around ? Thanks

Pass it to your app state when you create it. Or load it yourself.

In the future, all of these horrible protected fields will go away.

It’s protected , there is no way for me to access it in my package without a getter/setter. After browsing the jme library and realizing that it’s just a standard node I decided it’s better to create a new menu node in my appstate. In the future adding a getter/setter to for guiFont node would be nice.

As pspeed said, just pass it to your AppState. You can also make your own getter.

Disregard, I was reading through the library so fast I though guiFont was a node. It’s just a bitmap. While we are on the subject of fonts does JME support true type fonts ? I have an awesome retro 8 bit font I would like to use.

You can convert any system font using the SDK, select New File->Font