Appstream by amazon - It is about cloud based gaming


Hello everyone. I have been accepted into this cloud gaming platform limited preview. I’ll try to keep the jmonkey forums updated with any findings and experiences. Let me know if you have questions about it.

Right now I’m the unofficial Jmonkey ambassador at amazon appstream. :slight_smile:


All hail ambassador!!! :smiley:

That’s good news! I’ve been keeping an eye on this as well. Imagine developing and testing (on multiple hardware emulators even!) your game in the jMonkeyEngine SDK using a $250 netbook.

I wonder what the rates are like…


Appstream pricing.

I think it is cheaper than gaming today if I’m not mistaken.

Ok, so I’ve been handed the SDK by the lovely guys/gals at amazon. The sdk is written in C/C++. Since I’ve never used the JNI before I found a tutorial which should show me how to write Java wrappers for this.

Hopefully when I’m finished tinkering with this Appstream sdk, JMonkeyEngine will have a sweet publish button, ready to publish games to Appstream. :lol: