(April 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Being a big fan of the 2 originals and one of those people who bought WFTO, I have two ideas for you:

  1. The “wonkification” is missing. Google wonkification. It basically means that you randomly shift each vertex in your dungeon so that the walls appear to be less regular.

  2. You definitely need lights and darkness. At the moment it doesn’t have the feeling of a dungeon but more the feeling of something bright and clean.

Have fun,


  1. we don’t even need to be so random, we have the original parameters. Just lacking the knowledge how to use them :slight_smile: We even know the algorithm they used

  2. this is a difficult one for us, any help is much appreciated. With SSAO it is a bit nicer, but the original lightning is too complicated for me to understand

until now we’ve just been a graphics show. We’ll tackle the game play now as a prioritized feature.

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For #2, the entire map is built based on blocks, so you can use Minecraft-style ambient occlusion, where the vertices of each block are darkened depending on how many blocks there are around it.

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Do you code to that angry music? :monkey_face:

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Yeah, I’m Finnish :smiley: my generation lives & breaths death metal. The imps like it too :slight_smile:


I’d go with classic Finnish music like Apocalyptica. Classic music is said to stimulate the brain. Becoming depressive (which is typical for Finnish people) as a side-effect is totally worth hearing the best music in the world. :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:

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Must… not… post…




ODESZA and Pink Floyd does miracles for me :slight_smile:

Not strictly JME since its currently in blender but

10 points to whoever knows what it is!
Bonus points if you are really specific


Titanic? :slight_smile:

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10 points, but no bonus points

grand stair case ?

I just Photoshop the jME stats window in the bottom left and nobody ever picks up :wink:


Look cool! Can you post a wire + clay render please?

Yes you are closer!

Here are some wireframes

Last two are the 1st class lounge

The final product will be rendered backgrounds for a game, so not renders yet for this bit (no lighting atm even for clay). This is why they are pretty messy and inefficient poly wise.

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Cool! But I was asking for something like this. Clay render + Wire frame on top of it. So it’s easier to see the topology of the mode.

Our national anthem :slight_smile:

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Jeju Editor , My Lemur based editor which is customized for my needs. It is WIP and is in very early state. More features will be added as I progress.

Jeju is the name of an island in South Korea where i love the most. :grinning:


Neat, how high poly is that model though? Generating tangents took about a century.

I like the walk cycle of your char :smile: