(April 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

It is because of screen recorder. without screen recorder it just takes 4 seconds.
Screen recorder eats my two CPUs.

Do you have an Nvidia GPU? Because then you can use Shadowplay which shouldn’t impact performance that much and you can record 60fps too.

Nope. It’s AMD.
And i use oCam free screen recorder. It has an option for game recording which as you said is Nvidia specific.


WIP: particles affected by light on deferred shading pipeline.


Warning… might cause seizure :D.

NB: configured the same keys for all players… so the driving is a little hectic.
NB2: only one player is supported on android.


Is it this part of the Titanic (the top of the grand staircase)?:


I had a strange feeling that something is wrong and after a closer look I noticed that the shadow next to that round part is moved to the right…

The music thing … not that anybody could be interested but … I often listen to stuff like this:

Its actually the aft staircase, also its missing the extra cabins that were added to the top of the staircase so it’s really the Olympic not the Titanic.

The best way to make visual effects like spurting blood or sparks is to use particles. Since sparks are always ok, the visible red blood in the dark room may look strange.
Finally I can render liquids and solid particles on my deferred shading pipeline - including light and shadows. Nothing special, but it is working well.

On the first screen you can see standard, ‘solid’ particles - I’ll use this method to generate small rocks or metal pieces.

On the second screen we have something different - pseudo transparent ‘liquid’ particles. The trick is to not write the z-buffer and normal map in g-buffer so the particles are lightened by the distant light, ssao increases the effect.


Ok, not exactly a “work in progress”, but here it is…

Our Steam page! Just went live with it today


This looks amazing!
But why it is not for Linux? I mean jME runs equally good there so why not support an additional platform?
I kinda don’t feel like buying non Linux games since I’m planning on switching to Linux in the medium-near future.

Because at launch, its very difficult troubleshooting issues on many
platforms. If we have time to reall thoroughly test Ill add it

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IMO buggy Linux support is better than no Linux support. It should be easy enough to just write a simple wrapper in C that runs a ./jre/java -jar yourgame.jar command with a packaged runtime (I don’t know the language, and I can do it easily) (Also I have only ever used anything like this to distribute as a zip file over http – I have no idea how Steam packages games).

Starting to look really good. :+1:

During the last couple of days I often thought: ‘we should have an initiative for excellence with jME’ (meaning that we present several ways to the user that their game can look a little more like games made with the big engines. Together, the people here could have a chance. Maybe we could get some profi people for that too some day. Otherwise we will only see some quite nice games from time to time, made by strong individuals.

Can be quite frustrating to struggle with graphics coding (the default SSAO is very ugly on my machine for whatever reason and I get strange rendering artifacts with several other things too). Maybe some people will be able to fix some things once my framework is open source. :chimpanzee_smile:

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it has no meaning, or any place in any project of mine, it’s just a thing, and it comes in many colours.


Hi monkeys, this is my current project. An old-school arcade shooter for android:
Super Pepe in the Pixion Wars.


The story is that the evils Pixions (a mix of pixel + minion) has escaped from your tv and kidnapped your baby. So you have to kill them all and rescue your baby. Yes I know, the script is pure magic :sweat_smile:

The game is based on Zay-Es entity system and tonegodGUI (mainly due to the joystick for android).

Right now I’ve the first world (4 stages) done, the menus and some other stuff. It’s working fine but there are some lags in certain android devices that I’m trying to minimize.


Does it use standard material ?
Seems to be a VRay material or Blender Cycles ?
Anyway it is pretty cool that JME can render that so prefect.

It says video is private.

Seems you did not click the Publish button!