Arcane Legend – PvP Focused, Multiplayer Game

i dont understand, what different does this gui do from nifty gui ?

@atomix: Yes they are all made from quads, but it’s not really a new thing. jME’s Picture class uses quads as well.

@tralala: Well I guess the main difference is that it doesn’t load the GUI from an XML file, you create your GUI programatically. Similar to how you would build an interface with SWT. I didn’t make this to compete with nifty or anything, I just wanted full control over the GUI for Arcane Legend and decided to roll my own.

@tocsick :

They all are made from quads, so how can you manage the select function of each component… You make the front component float upon the underneath a little bit (in Z order)???

I think SWT is not a bad choice at all cause it’s quite powerful imo.

I wonder how can you manage the select function of 3D elements in the GUIBucket… May be, in the future we can use any box as a button too…(The real 3D GUI )

I don’t quite understand your question, what do you mean by “manage the select function”?


Sorry my bad English

it means : "how can you choose to select one component (such as the scroll bar) if it’s just a picture :

  • you must have used “JME ray Collision” for it right?

    — if so, the Z order of scrollbar and its parent panel must be well-managed for the ray Collision?

    — and how can you determine when the scrollbar is moved, in 3D space?

Oh, I think you’ve misunderstood. It is a strictly 2D UI. It uses an orthogonal camera to transform the quads into screen space and all of the mouse co-ordinants and stuff is done in a 2D environment. The Z-axis is only used to know which widgets are on top of the other.

Not to make you backtrack on your decision to roll your own GUI, but just for Nifty’s future reference, did you have any knowledge about the Nifty Builder Java classes before turning it down? In the Nifty Standard Controls doc all the examples show both the Java and the XML way of doing it.

It wasn’t easy to find this page. If you were unaware of it too, void is probably underselling this feature.

I think one issue with nifty gui is that it doesn’t support resizeable windows which is why this guy made his own gui

i think this game looks really cool cant wait to give it a test run

@erlend_sh I did come across this, but only after decided to roll my own. To be honest though, I doubt it would have had much influence on my decision. I’d be lying if I said the XML was the only thing that persuaded me to roll my own.

@Momoko_Fan Everything is resizable! And it is all done automatically. Widgets simply hint at how big they want to be in comparison to their neighbours and the layout container does everything else. In my example a ‘TableContainer’ is used which lets me set column widths and then all of the placement and resizing is handled by it. It’s really quite nice.