Are double-sided faces supported by JME?

Title should say all. While working on a 3d model working pipeline i saw that checking “Double sided” into blender isn’t enough to make everyface of the object. Does jmonkey have a support for making some faces of the model or all of it showing without culling any of the face? I know about culling but as far as i know it applies on entire scene and i don’t want it as it slows everything. Otherwise the only solution is to duplicate faces that need to be double sided and flip normals of cloned ones.

What normen said will work for unshaded materials. If you want double-sided faces with lighting, you will need to use jME 3.1 with the single pass lighting mode.

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Did we fix it to flip normals for the backsides of faces?

Edit: or is the presumption that normals are already flipped relative to winding order?

Yes, the normals are flipped in the shader according to the front facing property:

And what if i’m using another shader,like PBRLighting.j3md? Do i have to modify it?

You may need to modify it. Do a search for gl_FrontFacing to see if it uses that information.

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