Are parts of JMonkeyPlatform OSGi capable?


I was reading over the docs on JMonkeyPlatform this morning and noticed this bit:

“Additionally, full OSGi compatibility further broadens the selection of compatible libraries.”

Does this mean that there are OSGi-ified JMonkey jars that I can use in Eclipse Equinox or Apache Felix?



No not yet but you can use all of yours in the SDK :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response, Normen!

In addition to the 10-20 bundles of our own, we are built on top of about five hundred other bundles from Eclipse, Apache and Oracle. Our UI is also based on the Eclipse RCP and RAP. Our build is based on Maven and Tycho. We are also not building a video game, just using JME3’s geometry components. So, unfortunately, I don’t think deploying in the SDK is a workable solution for us.

If there is an on-going effort to OSGi-ify JME3, my team could probably contribute.