Are the following possible in Jme?

SWIG doesn't give you a working lib yet.

Darkfrog, one of the best players in the world, mplayer (also known as ffmpeg/libavcodec), is supported on all 3 major platforms. It plays practically every file format, codec and streaming method known to man (and then some).

It also has a very flexible output structure for video and audio, so the best is probably to write a plugin that outputs video/audio directly to a Java native ByteBuffer. However maybe it's easier to only use the decoding routines for one format (such mpeg2) and do the loading of the file in Java. However this is by no means an easy task.

I'm darkfrog, not superfrog  :-o

Yeah, someone's going to have to do something along those lines eventually, it's just hard finding someone that's willing to beat their head against the wall for the greater good…if no one else does this by the time I have to have it I'll see if I can find some head gear.


what do you mean by "SWIG doesn't give you a working lib yet"?

It just gives you a bunch of C functions you can call. I don't think there's any AV lib out there right now that'll give you working code right away… it's nice to get back all those pointers in C, but what are you gonna do with them in Java???

Hi all!

I have no idea, whether this may help anyone out, as it is an example for the "infamous" JFM in the even more "infamous" Java3D:

Chapter 28.3. Playing Movies in a Java 3D World (Part 1)

This one is for the "alternative" qtJava also in Java3D:

Chapter 28.5. Playing Movies in a Java 3D World (Part 2)

I think that helps a lot! I didn't know Quicktime for Java existed… (hm no linux support though?)

Hm, done some more searching on JMF:

Llama, yeah, someone shot that URL my direction as well  :-o

It looks like we may be stuck with JMF until something better comes along…


A little JMF with jME test, here: