Are there any tutorials?

Are there any simple tutorials to get you used to the methods and such in jME?

Furthermore, are there any tutorials on using MonkeyWorld3D?

If so, where can I find them



The Wiki:

Tutorials Section

There are also many Tutorials floating randomly around the net.

like this one

There are also many OpenSource games being developed with jme.

Air Carrier

Radakan RPG

Stardust (pretty much inactive for now)

Also check out the User Showcase section of the forum.

There are a lot of links at the left side of Click on Documentation and Wiki. And pretty much everything else.

The demos and tests showcased on the website are all simple and well documented code examples, you'll find them in the source tree, under the jmetest package.

Thank you!

All of those tutorials have been very helpful. While browsing the forum, I came across something about jMonkeyEngine being able to create Skyboxes and Maps?

Is it possible for me to use jMonkeyEngine to create terrain for the first stages of my MMORPG? Right now I'd like to create some sort of 1280x1280 map of water with a small island in the middle and then load it into my extension of BaseGame.

a) Is it possible?

b) Is there a tutorial for using jMonkeyEngine as well?

Try searching for TestIsland on the jmetest package, and forums. That might give you a nice idea  :wink:

duenez said:

Try searching for TestIsland on the jmetest package, and forums. That might give you a nice idea  ;)

And that was made using MonkeyWorld3D? I thought it just exported some .jme file or something?

MonkeyWorld3D is a scene editor, not an engine… I don't quite understand what is it that you want… Use jME or MW3D… I seem to have misinterpreted you!

See other thread

I had the same problem at first. There are 2 methods that load the raw file createTerrain()  and createReflectionTerrain()

in this part

 RawHeightMap heightMap = new RawHeightMap(TestTerrainSplatting.class



                129, RawHeightMap.FORMAT_16BITLE, false);

  remove the .getFile() and he should be able to load the files correctly