Are there plans for extra VR support beyond Occulus Rift?

I haven’t yet looked at how jME allows you to deploy to Occulus Rift but I’m excited by this prospect so I am curious as to the plans for further VR support on other devices and also (especially) plans for AR support.

Does someone have a handle on these future possibilities?

Afaik the “official” VR module implements OpenVR, so it should work with HTCC Vivve, Playystattion VR and the Occulus Rifft.

That is, if anyone knows how to actually package jme for a PS4.

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I upvvoted the repply as soon as I coulld, there’s no time to loose.

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I upvvoted the repply as soon as I coulld, there’s no time to loose.

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OK, so this thread rather went off-track but I’d like to get back to the original question if I may.

  1. How is jME deployed to Oculus Rift? Does it need to be cross-compiled for example and what is actually involved in the deployment process?

  2. If jME supports OpenVR as suggested, would the deployment process to other VR devices be the same or similar?

  3. Are there any plans for OpenAR support or just AR features in general?

  4. Are there any plans for jME support for gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation etc.?


Can’t answer you for the VR parts, but getting jme to run on consoles would be like really hard, since first you would have to get jvm working and then write a renderer, since I doubt xbox and ps4 support opengl.
@Darkchaos managed to get jvm kinda working on xbox one some time ago.
Edit: Nintendo switch seems to support openGL though. Hmm. This article is a bit old, so take it with a grain of salt Nintendo Switch Officially Supports Vulkan, OpenGL 4.5 & OpenGL ES

Since @grizeldi answered the last question, I’ll answer the third :slight_smile:

Assuming you don’t want to go the Android route with ARCore, I’d start with this:

It uses another rendering engine, but the core concepts and libs are there. Learn and have fun! :slight_smile:

EDIT: whoops fixed link!

Thanks but most of those technologies either no longer exist or are not maintained.

So, to add another question, has anyone got jME to work with ARCore?

Answers to my questions 1 and 2 would also be appreciated!


Just read the documentation, you probably install the OpenVR driver for the platform and then the jme-vr library includes the needed native JNI code to use that.

So, to add another question, has anyone got jME to work with ARCore?

That’s something I’m currently exploring now