Are this contributions still supported?

I’m working on JMonkey Wizard and one of the futures that I want to add is the ability to choose maven dependencies not only the official ones (already supported in JMW) but also the contributed ones, but as I can see here, all the contributions are no longer updated except Lemur (The wall hh in French) so can we use them in current projects or they are dead.

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From what I see, a contribution is something where someone took an interest in something, expended a little or a lot of effort on the subject, and rather than scraping the code when they lost interest, they donate it with the hope someone else may find it useful.

So the term dead, is subjective.

I could be wrong but I believe it’s up to the end user to figure out which ones are licensed for open source and which have restrictions on commercial use.

The problem is i’dont want to do something that no one will use it, what I really need an answer for is will the current monkeys will be able to use this contributions in there projects can they be useful in the current time.

OK then will implement them all and it’s up to the user to choose anyway.
@mitim thanks for every thing.

I believe, I may be wrong, but if they don’t include a license for the project, it’s not useable. Whether other monkeys want to use it or not is something no one knows.

@mitm I’ll check the licences…
It looks like all these plugins are on BSD or GPL, they don’t require special treatment.