I'm having a spot of trouble getting AreaClodMesh to work. I suspect it has something to do with the model I'm using. Are there any specific requirements my model must meet and if so how can I check them? I'm new at this so please explain.

Thanks in advance,


PS I've got HelloLOD working fine, with the maggie model at least. As soon as I substitute my own model the number of triangles just won't change. I'm working with a model with some 4000 tri's, so the tri2pixel ratio shouldn't really be a problem. Anyway, nothing happens when moving the camera away until the frustrum culling sets in.

PPS If anyone is willing to take a look at it I'll gladly share a link to my model

PPPS Is it true that ms3d models get backside culled by default? Because turning that on or off doesn't seem to change a thing… Even frontside culling doesn't change anything.

Does manually adjusting the collapse level work?  See the demo tests.

Also, as for the culling, sounds like maybe the cull state may not be applied right.  Can you give the code you are using?

I'll have to see if that works tonight, after I get gentoo up and running. I'll also post that code then. Thanks.