ARMonkey engine help!

Hello guys, this is my first post, i'm working on an Augmented reality project using JME, i was looking for some AR library to use with JME, and i realized that there's a guy that already created an AR aplication using the JME render by using his own AR framework, he named it ARMonkeyEngine, and there's a first version of that framework already, i downloaded it and got it into my project but there's no any documentation how to implement it and i don't have any idea how to use all those classes the library let me import, if someone could give me a hand with this i would be very grateful, this is the link to the library:

there's even an ARLabyrinth demo…

or if some of the developers of that framework could give me some example like a "HelloARMonkey" i would really appreciate it.

Thanks and sorry for my bad english

I too am very interested in this. I am currently working through the flagrush tutorial (thank you guys for putting that together) and will begin work on AR soon after. My work is industrial (not gaming).

thanks for the fast answers… ^^

that video is the Labyrinth Demo that is in the link i posted before as the library is there too, the point is that i want to create my own aplication using that library, but i don't know how to use it because there's no any documentation, if someone knows how to use it please help me  :frowning:

i really need it

thank you

Yes, it's the same, as is said on youtube. I just did not see any link to the video from the links you posted.

I was interested in trying this out and you were right, there was no source code that might be helpful.  Luckily, but unfortunately Java is easily decompiled, so I used the free utility to decompile the tool.  First off, I want to say that I always hate to decompile code because it’s takes the fun out of learning how this stuff works for youself.  Secondly, I’m only decompiling for knowledge, not for resale since it wasn’t intended to be open source.

It looks like you can contact the developers from the README when it is translated:


Framework for building Augmented Reality applications using jMonkeyEngine.
For commercial use of this framework, you should contact Aureal Vision:

 - Jonny Alexander Velez Street -
 - Julian Alexander Lamprea Lamprea -


This framework relies on jMonkeyEngine therefore must have previously configured
This graphics engine to add this library to your project.

The video capture can be made from different types of devices (USB cameras,
capture, IP, prerecorded videos, static images jpg, etc.). it depends on the
ImageSource implementation is used. For general purpose use, including
JARVideo library, which allows access to the video device you have configured
default in their operating system.
To capture this library to work, you must place the native libraries:
 - DSVL.dll
 - LibARVideo.dll
on the root of your project, both in the development and implementation of it, not
can add in any folder, even if you change the path to native libraries
This is because their internal implementation is not dependent on this project.

Hope this helps... :D

wow that tool is very useful, thank you for your help, i think now i have some ideas how to make this engine to work…

thanks to everyone  :smiley:

Kind of funny to make this project and not want ppl to use it?

There is also: a java wrapper for a C++/C AR program. As well there is something called InstAR ( but I could not find source code on the net (they said they would put it up soon, in January of 09 ?).

Not sure how I could use the project, but does seem like fun… I do suggest perhaps documenting your findings for the next people who might want to try the library, maybe a tutorial on jME even (even the simplest of advice might help the next person and the tutorial might grow etc…).

So odd even in the game to not put in the source code of how to use the library…

hey again, ok i've advanced a little more with this ARMonkey engine, i've already make it work, and i will document my info in a next post,

by now i let you this screenshot i took for my test AR aplication

i'm using the pattern from the same picture in my computer, that's why i'm pointing the camera to my screen, i hope you like it  :slight_smile:

if you can't see the screenshot, then here's the direct link:

Great! Not sure how I could use it… but the screent shot is making me want to find SOME way lol. Can't wait for some documentation.

Waking an old thread, I know, sorry,

but just to say I have begun development on a new framework for integrating NyARToolkit and jMonkeyEngine called armonkeykit it’s at:

There are quite a few issues at the minute with it, but I am actively developing it at the minute, whereas the toolkit mentioned in this thread seems to have ceased. This is more a note for people searching for AR and jME and ending up at this thread.


ajclarkson said:

Waking an old thread, I know, sorry,
Hey, don't sweat it when you come bearing gifts :D

I did some quick searching on "NyARToolKIT" and "ARToolkitPLUS" and they both seem to take me to the same ARToolKit-page (admittedly not a thorough search though). Is there a significant difference between the two?

Also, have you tried contacting those two developers (e-mails listed in thread above) yet? That said, there's been quite a few people coming to this forum, showing off their AR projects. If you're looking for collaborators you might wanna consider searching through some posts and passing out some e-mails :)

And welcome to (posting) on the forum!

Hi guys, I’m Jonny Alexander, one of the authors of this framework… I want you to see this armonkeyengine-will-be-released may be this could be of your interest… (by the way, my lastname isn’t Street, It’s Calle… that translation really made me LOL).