Arrow keys ChaseCam around spatial

I was looking through all of the examples in the JME wiki/tutorials. and there is this game that is 3rd person view, and a chasecam behind it. and it seems you can click the screen and drag to rotate the camera around the player(spatial?), and I was wondering if you could set it to use the arrow keys to rotate the chasecam around the player.
help is appreciated! thanks!

You can register the chasecam input mapping to the keys

inputManager.addMapping(“ChaseCamUp”, new KeyTrigger(keyInput.KEY_UP));
inputManager.addMapping(“ChaseCamDown”, new KeyTrigger(keyInput.KEY_DOWN));
inputManager.addMapping(“ChaseCamMoveRight”, new KeyTrigger(keyInput.KEY_RIGHT));
inputManager.addMapping(“ChaseCamMoveLeft”, new KeyTrigger(keyInput.KEY_LEFT));

inputManager.addMapping("ChaseCamToggleRotate", new KeyTrigger(keyInput.KEY_UP),new KeyTrigger(keyInput.KEY_DOWN), new KeyTrigger(keyInput.KEY_RIGHT), new KeyTrigger(keyInput.KEY_LEFT));