Article about fast paced multiplayer

i was reading articles about synchronization server with client. Everybody who understand a little is posting valve pages for the first reading about this problem. But i want to share source what i found. I think, that for begginers this can be better:


Great article. A lot easier to follow. Also nice having a javascript example.

It is a lot easier to follow. It picks a completely different approach from the Valve articles and makes a statement or two that doesn’t 100% jive with reality.

For example, Valve’s approach is to render at a slight delay to eat the latency and avoid having to do as much prediction. Given the player physics involved, 100-200 ms latency is not really noticeable. At least people seem to cope with it fine on Valve’s games that use that approach.

Once you wrap your head around it, it’s also a lot simpler than prediction and avoids nasty teleporting and other weird prediction-related anomalies.

really really thanks for sharing

@teginder81 said: really really thanks for sharing

No problem at all…If you will connect knowledge from this article with jme examples, its pretty easy to achieve basic model for networking. :slight_smile: