Article: Screen Space Decals

An interesting slide show of a technique for implementing decals:

I’m a bit surprised the topic of decals doesn’t come up more in the forums. Any techniques people are using currently that they want to share?


I teamed up with LWJGL, went back in time and retweeted it for you. No biggie!

Actually it’s a different article (on the same game) new one is specifically about decals, old one seems to be generally about the rendering engine.

Oh you’re right. I couldn’t open the link at first but it seemed to be the exact same. Cool, more food for the hungry young’uns then.

I still did get it from the Twitter-verse :slight_smile:

So are there any other decal techniques living out there? Anything that jme should try and implement? Not so much as a core feature, but as a plugin. This one looks like it has some performance issues, but I’m not sure of one that doesn’t.

Seems it would be fitting into a deferred rendering pipeline :slight_smile: