As he faced the sun he cast no shadow

Hi all, i’ve got a weird problem with BasicShadowRenderer

as you can see in this screen shadow borders looks all shagged.

Plus the borders blink and the shadow change form when i move the camera.

I’ve seen screens on the furom with pretty neat shadows, what am i doing wrong?

here is the bsr init :

         if (renderer.getCaps().contains(Caps.GLSL100)) {
            bsr = new BasicShadowRenderer(assetManager, 1024);
            Vector3f lightDir =new Vector3f(-1.4790551f, -1.39247334f, -1.7851566f);

Or could it be a graphic card related (geforce gtx 275)?

Nope its the shader, you probabyl saw the jme2 ones, while being better currently visually they need ton's more of power.

The BasicShadowRenderer is exactly what it says; "basic".

Right now it extends on the entire frustum, so if your camera far value is 1000 its going to extend that far, causing lower resolution shadows.

The best way to fix it is to add support for parallel-split shadow maps (PSSM), that shouldn't be a problem as most of the needed code is already there.

ho…er…i didn't know…i feel a bit stupid now, sorry about that.

I'm going to look into this PSSM shadowing