ASE format import from Blender


I'm trying to import meshes from Blender, using the ASE format (export ASE from Blender with the script from goofos / import ASE into jME with the tool from Jon Watte).

The export seems to work fine. But while using the JmeFromAse-tools I get the error:

"For input string: "*MESH_MTLID"

java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "*MESH_MTLID"    "

I would appreciate any help.

(All my values for MESH_MTLID are 0, since I don't use any materials yet…)

Or would you recommend the collada format for import from blender ?

my ase exporter from blender works fine, i use the build in one:  v0.6.10., I don't know more details about the exporter, it came with blender 2.46