Asking Admins for a forum for the jME Game Project?

Hello. Hopefully I  have attracted some admins to this post. Could you please create a forum section in the forums dedicated to the jME Game Project? One post is not enough to discuss this on, and we will be using the channel. If you don’t know what it is, check here. It’s a community project so this is the best place for it to be. Good luck posting a new forum!

It's probably still a little bit early for that… I think there's not problem if you use the regular board for now. Just prefix the threads with [JME Game] or something. If you get a lot of activity (and results)… then you might need your own board.

(but if someone that actually administers the forum thinks different…)

Ok, possible.

I'd still prefer its own forums.

For now it would be ok to make it the way llama proposed. We already have 3 posts for that all. If only we had a working title for that project…

Ok, that's fine.