Asset autocompletion not working

The asset completion not working, or I don’t know how to use it.
Hiting ctrl + space inside strings following the patterns doesn’t show any paths or anything:

if (hasLastCommand(line, “.loadModel(”")) {
return AssetType.Model;
} else if (hasLastCommand(line, “.loadMaterial(”")) {
return AssetType.Material;
} else if (hasLastCommand(line, “.loadFilter(”")) {
return AssetType.Filter;
} else if (hasLastCommand(line, “.loadTexture(”")) {
return AssetType.Texture;
} else if (hasLastCommand(line, “.loadSound(”")) {
return AssetType.Sound;
} else if (hasLastCommand(line, “.loadFont(”")) {
return AssetType.Font;
} else if (hasLastCommand(line, “new Material(”)) {
return AssetType.MatDef;
} else if (hasLastCommand(line, “new AudioNode(”)) {
return AssetType.Sound;
} else if (hasLastCommand(line, “.addXml(”")) {
return AssetType.Xml;
} else if (hasLastCommand(line, “.fromXml(”")) {
return AssetType.Xml;

If this is a nightly only feature, is there a way to install it as a separate module into JMEPlatform?

Never mind, I got it all :slight_smile: