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Problem is, i’m using netbeans because jmonkey doesn’t seem to work properly (i cannot use the projects i create with it)

So, netbeans works fine til tutorial number 2. When i try to load assets, all is ok. However I don’t seem to be able to load from anywhere else, like Assets/Textures or something…I dunno what jar i have to use to make this work, but i don’t know how to set it up at all!

Finally, when i delete the “jme3-test-data” library , i can still load the assets and the program runs fine…Which is kinda spooky…I don’t understand! :frowning:

who knows. jmp is basically netbeans with extra features. I suggest you try to get your jmp to work properly instead of making your life harder in the long run

true, i noticed the UI similarities. Ok, i have another topic on how to set jmp up properly

@dimitristrigkakis: What do u mean about “(i cannot use the projects i create with it)”? You have to update the jmp :

Edit: Whenever u update the SDK, the projects’ libraries gets updated too, and u have to repair it in source code.