I committed a proposal for com.jme3.scene.AssetLinkNode. Basically its got a list of AssetKeys that it loads and attaches as children when restored from disk. Of course I need it for jMonkeyPlatform, to link models into a binary instead of directly saving them (already built into latest nightly).

This is surely something that should be included in jme3 in one form or the other and maybe even extended so that it unloads/reloads the children when attached/detached. This could be a good way to use the power of the AssetManager for streamed loading of models fo terrain etc.

Thought I post this here as the “development” forum for jme3 is quite crowded with troubleshooting requests :wink:



I saw it and I think its pretty cool. Although when you say streaming, its not really streaming. Its essentially just separating the scene from its models. Streaming would be if for example a LinkNode would check if its within 500 meter radius, then make a request to a loading thread to load its model, and when its ready attach it to itself.

I meant using this approach for streaming. Your streaming terrain system or whatever would attach/detach your nodes based on the distance info and the AssetLinkSpatial takes care of the loading of the correct spatial on attaching… Something like that.