AssetManager & DLC

Thanks for mentioning it, I’ll look into it!


Yep, but at least ‘my’ file manager opens on the “download” folder with file filters in place so you’re much more likely to find what you’re looking for.

I search for dlc files in fixed positions (see the starting post).

I’d like the dlc to be managed in a store-agnostic way. Which means: when you buy the DLC you get a dropbox link.

From here, there are 2 ways:

  • the DLC is actualy an installer (but it must detect the installation folder of the base game)
  • the base game checks at startup the download folder and copy the DLC in the right place.

There could be other solutions, like download all the DLC anyway and manage the account ingame to disable the unowned DLC.

Am I doing it wrong?

That, at least, would be super super easy assuming the game has even been run at least once before. Just store its location in a preference. Your installer could look at that same preference.

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you have an other solution :

  1. include a form in your game where user can fill a dlc code (or url).
  2. game download the archive (few line of code), store in the target directory (app/dlc)
  3. register the dlc (I guess you register existing dlc at startup)