AssetManager Tutorial?


I am a long time user of JME2 with Eclipse and have recently switched to JME3.

What I am looking for is the answer to two questions.

  1. Apparently the default asset manager class has some built-in data. Such as


    which will work for anyone with JME3. I’m wondering where the JAR is that I can explore all the default textures and such are?

  2. Is there a tutorial on how to use the AssetManager system with Eclipse? I understand I will use JMonkeyPlatform to create the Asset package, but I am clueless as to what happens after that. Do I just drop the assets.jar into the src folder or what? I can find no documentation on this.
  1. The default assetmanager does not have data built in, rather it is read from ‘jME3-testdata.jar’ which is specified on the classpath
  2. Not so much a tutorial, but you could probably get away with adding an ‘assets’ folder to your classpath and try placing all your assets there. Or, if you are creating an ‘asset package’ as you mentioned, just include it in your ‘/lib’ directory and ensure that it is also specified in the classpath

There are core assets also… since that is where Lighting.j3md is, etc… Part of core-data and included in the jme jar.

You can see the defaults in the jMonkeyEngine3.jar or in subversion under trunk/engine/src/core-data (I’m going from memory)

Its not much different from jME2 really, stuff gets loaded from the classpath and if its not on the classpath then you need to specify the folder where it is. Only thing is that now the assetManager has a proper root that contains the classpath and whatever you specify. And yes, there is a tutorial on the assetManager: